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Rupert & Al Murray

Bira bira biiiiira, BÄRS BÄRS BÄRS!!!!!!!

IN AN age when binge drinking is top of the agenda it is heartening to see comedian Al Murray encouraging minors to indulge. At An Audience With Al Murray, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint was the victim of Britain's most-opinionated landlord. "How old are you?" Murray asked Grint in front of the celeb-packed audience including Frank Skinner and Edwina Currie. 'Sixteen, " Grint replied. "No, how old are you, son?" continued Murray. "Twenty-one, " Grint squeaked. "No son, that is not going to convince anyone, " screamed Murray. "How old are you?" "Erm, 18, " concluded Grint. "Good boy. Now buy yourself a pint."

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